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Hey, Hello, How are you?

Dear LJ, it's been 1 year, 5 months, 19 days since my last post... I'm not dead and I haven't forgotten you. I'll explain a bit in a moment, but first things first:

Happy new year!

2014 was quite the year for me; A lot happened and a lot changed.If you want to know more, read on.

I guess I should start with why i disappeared (this time)...

Quite stupidly: I lost access to my fandom email account and shortly after was logged out of LJ & couldn't remember my password. And I just gave up. Looking back, I guess it was a kind of a relief to just let it all go. It wasn't until about 2 months ago that I decided to put some effort into regaining access - and I did. Obviously. But the backlog is huge, and I don't know if (when?) I'll manage to drag myself through it.

As for why I decided to poke my nose back in now:

I'm just in a much better place now. I've gone back to uni (yay!); I'm studying English and will be starting a minor in German in a month. It's all still a bit stressful if I'm really honest, but mostly it's the good kind of stress. I'm definitely a lot healthier, I'm socialising - with people my own age, rather than just pensioners - and I do volunteer work in my spare time (model citizen, ahoy). I'm not back up to full speed yet, but I'm getting there.
(...And full disclosure: I saw insmallpackages was running again this year, and wanted to participate, which is why I've come back right now, and not contacted anyone privately first).

Now, for what I've been up to -fannishly- over the past year (two years, really):

Well. I'm behind on pretty much everything. I have a whole backlog of recorded episodes for pretty much every show I watch. Supernatural for instance, I got to the final of season 8. I have not seen the last season and a half yet, omg /o\. I fully intend to catch up, but I don't really know when or how.
More importantly, or at least more interesting for anyone reading this, though, is that my status of serial fandom-monogamist has been shot. to shreds. I found that not participating, but going back to just lurking left me with a lot more room for fandom movement and I've quite enjoyed it, tbh.
Some of you may still remember that I got pretty into Elementary and MLP:FiM (about two years ago), but the fandoms weren't for me. I do enjoy the occasional Sherlock or Avengers fic these days though. I've also moved through the One Direction fandom, and will occasionally go back for a shot of Lirry (Shut up. It's cute, ok? And there's some pretty good writers there). I've revisited Harry Potter and NCIS, and some minor fandoms that aren't important. The biggest newcomer on the block though, is football... (that's "soccer", not American football). I am officially coming out as a football fangirl here /o\
Even though I was raised to think it was "stupid", I've quite liked the game since 2008 and followed the big tournaments from a distance. This summer I actually had time to watch pretty much all the matches of the World Cup though, and it was so amazing (I've supported Germany since I was 12) that I never wanted it to end. So when I was trope browsing on AO3 & saw a fic... I tried it. And it was fucking amazing. Revelation of the century. So yeah. Along with watching international games, I'm now also following the champions league and slowly learning more about WAGs and kids than I really want to. Actually, if anyone is interested, I might do a primer post - either about the ~beautiful game~ or about the pretty and shippy fannish side of things, because honestly? Even if you don't know anything about anything, it's all still gorgeous (or hilarious) to look at.

And for the ghost of christmas yet to come: Where the hell is this going?

I have no clue. Sorry. My intentions are to reestablish myself as a contactable person and to get back in touch with those of you who still want to - because I missed you. (And maybe I should have mentioned that earlier. Because I did miss you all, and thought about a lot of you even while I was completely out of touch, I just couldn't bring myself to deal with everything around it).
At the moment I don't know if I really want to jump back into active fandom participation, but I'm working out something of a new identity where I'll probably put everything under the same name - AO3, tumblr, LJ, and others. It might be tringic, or I might go with something new (slight issue with some things published under tringic that I want in my portfolio but don't want to connect to all my fandom activity - it'll depend on if I can separate them). I'll post about it once I figure it out.

Short technical note on what's happening on this journal: For now, all posts are friends-locked while I figure out what I'm doing with my ~online identity. If you're looking for something you don't seem to have access to, comment here & I'll make it available.

If you want to contact me, for whatever reason, comment here also. It'll go straight into my primary email account.

Again, I did miss you all, and come talk to me if you want! ♥

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