(Look up the number) (tringic) wrote,
(Look up the number)

(Temporarily) Friends-Locked.

For old friends:
If you can't find/access something that was previously here, let me know & I'll make it available!

For new friends:
Sorry, no stalking opportunities right now! (if you're so inclined). If we're working together on a bang or something I'll friend you no problem. If you're simply interested in some of my older work, for whatever reason, just let me know & I'll make it available!

As a general rule:
I'm not deleting my work and everything should become available again in due time, I'm just working on building my professional portfolio atm and trying to erase as many connections between my "serious" and fannish work (it was stupid to let it cross over in the first place, but I kinda like fanwork better, shhhh).
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