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Futbal_minibang: "Origin Stories" Art Post

So I had the brilliant idea to plan my first foray into football fandom, and my first bang in over two years, in the week before exams. WHY NOT.

So yeah, futbal_minibang! With superheroes!

Title: Origin Stories
Author: trimalchio
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~9000
Summary: Karim Benzema is an average guy, who accidentally develops superpowers.


(As always, click on the images for full size)

It's all about the super!Benz *nods sagely*

... but he wouldn't have gotten far without Raphaël.

Now, there was supposed to be more art - of the lovely Team Evil, to be specific - but because of aforementioned exams and the subsequent time restraint... We (I) decided on a fanmix instead. It's slightly kitsch-y, but I think that's pretty appropriate when it comes to superheroes, right?

To download the songs, just right-click save each file (all are direct links to song files, so you should be able to play them in your browser as well) and enjoy!

Now go on and read the fic, if you haven't yet!

Reasons why you should:
- This fic embodies what I call Karim's "resting despair face". If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's this expression he gets, that seems to say "no, this is not happening to me, if I ignore it long enough, I'm sure it'll all turn out to just be a bad dream" and that sentiment is exactly this fic.
- Raphaël is a massive geek and a massive sweetheart and Karim would be nowhere without him (in fact, he would be covered in spoons).
- Barcelona. Team Evil. You know you love it. (I should mention I have nothing against Barcelona - as long they're not winning a classico)
- If you're not in football fandom: all good! You don't need to know about football, you can simply read about an unwitting and reluctant superhero!
- And finally: Because you need to show trimalchio some love! It's been awesome working with her (short, but sweet), and she's fighting the good fight with a tiny ship, like a true superhero ;)


PS: Art will be posted on tumblr in the next couple of days. I just haven't touched my account in about 3 years, so it needs dusting off first
Tags: *bigbang, fandom: football, ~superheroes

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