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Little Lies

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  • tringic@livejournal.com

About me
24 yo, female, student, artist, dutch, bi, shy, fangirl.

spoilerphobe, multishipper, fan artist, bigbang-addict, and incorrigible lurker.

My deviantArt | My Tumblr.

My fandoms
I like a lot, but I mostly lurk. What you'll find in this journal will be roughly 95% Supernatural.

I'm a sucker for rarepairs and minor characters. Favorites include:
Chuck ♥ And Meg ♥ ♥ And Ellen, Jo, Henriksen, Crowley, Ash, Bela, Pamela, YED, Lisa, Tessa, Death...

I ship - No I don't really ship, but I prefer some ships:
SPN: Sam/Dean is the closest I will ever come to having an otp, but that's mostly because this fandom is light on the minor characters and femmeslash (relatively, in comparison, etc etc)
RPS: I've drifted away from RPS, but Mishalecki will forever be in my heart.

Other fandoms I dabble in

Stand up comedy // QI // Mock the Week // Would I lie to you
Leverage // Elementary // Sherlock (BBC) // Avengers
Football/Soccer (my new favorite!)

I will also babble about music, movies and British crime shows from time to time.

Friending policy - or what is passing for one:

I'm shy. Like really, really shy, and I suck at commenting and keeping up with my flist, and therefor I will rarely take the first step to friend anyone. That said, I'm very much open to being friended, and will probably friend you back if you seem nice or if we have things in common. Just... don't worry if it seems like I'm ignoring you, I'm definitely not doing it on purpose.

This profile code was written for me by the lovely preferthemoss ♥ ♥

I'm currently working on / signed up for

Nothing, and I shouldn't be signing up for anything - But you can send me prompts! If I don't have time, I'll be honest about it.

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